Technology, art and animation in the service of learning


The quality of the content is the cornerstone of any e-learning project. It must :

  • Meet the educational needs of learners through an active education and relevant content,
  • Allow them to assess their knowledge and their evolution through diverse and reliable methods of assessment,
  • Motivate them to learn through captivating scripting, graphic design and a variety of educational modalities
  • Ensure optimum rendering for IT configurations and highly variable internet speeds.


All of our interactive e-learning content is supported by an educational approach of "Learning by doing", where the learner has a pleasant and captivating experience allowing him to learn and put his skills to the test in real situations.

All of our standard content is compliant with the SCORM standard.

The training content is divided into refined educational units, according to specific educational goals. This gives our courses a great adaptability to the different training contexts.

For eight years, our teams have been consistently developing and enhancing our players's code in Flash© and HTML5. These widely used technologies in the video games field, serve to place interactivity and graphic design at the service of training objectives and educational efficiency with total customization capabilities.

An extensive catalogue of e-learning content

Enhance the IT efficiency of your employees thanks to our training Catalogue in office automation and Computer basics:

Image3More than 300 interactive training modules with voiceover divided with a duration of 15-minutes each.

Each module includes a first part in the form of video demonstrations of the aimed software skills and a second part composed of an interactive simulation of these skills.

Each training program includes assessments at each level that can be used as placement tests or as knowledge assessments.

These interactive training programs comply with the ICDL (International Computer Driving License) syllabus 5.

Unique collections in management, communication and personal development:


While shedding light on the new managerial and behavioral issues, each training module immerses the learner into a practical case of corporate life (e.g. hospital, bank, art gallery, public institution, etc.), fully illustrated and interactive in order to easily transpose each acquired notion in one's own work environment.

To ensure the educational relevance and quality of these contents, the development process integrates Subject Matter experts from both academic and professional worlds (university professors, international consultants and managers).

The module often begins with a teaser to raise awareness about the importance of the notion that will be covered. A variety of educational approaches, between expository, deductive, inductive, quizzes, and stagings enables the presentation of the notions in different formats, hence guaranteeing that the learner remains active and motivated.

A collection of e-learning language trainings in partnership with a leader in the field of distance language training:


In partnership with a leader in the field of distance language training, PROACTECH offers various learning materialsincluding 6 learning languages: English, French, French as a foreign language, Spanish, German, Italian and Dutch.