Formules de formation

Drawing on several years of existence entirely dedicated to developing and integrating e-learning solutions and listening to the market, Proactech now offers you turnkey e-learning solutions so that you can guarantee the success of your e-learning investment while controlling your cost.


Our standard training contents are suitable for self-learning thanks to the following characteristics:
- The breaking down of training modules into fine units,
- The stagings in the form of case studies,
- The mapping of the course's key concepts,
- The interactive activities with customized feedbacks and the summary reports.
All of these factors guarantee that the learners acquire the new notions
addressed in the module.
The recording of the progress of the learner's program on each screen transition
enables him to pursue the training according to his own learning rythm. He can
thus interrupt the training at any time and resume from the last viewd screen.


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For the learners:

  • Asynchronous tutoring : integrated tutoring service allowing the learner to freely ask questions of an educational and technical nature and to receive answers within the context.
  • Synchronous tutoring : access to a hotline from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, for technical or organizational questions. Individual telephone conversation for ownership of the training portal (optional).

For your training service:

Project monitoring by a Training Project Manager: coordination, production of regular summary reports, statements at the end of the training, etc. Access to the LMS to follow and monitor the training program.

In addition to e-tutoring services, the learner benefits from an individual telephone conversation for ownership of the proactive Coaching training portal: the coach calls the learner once a week during the first month of his training and then once every two weeks to motivate him and offer customized educational activities.






In this learning mode, learner takes a combination of classroom-based training and self-paced e-learning. The learner can take e-learning courses either before, during or after face to face training, depending on trainers’ recommendations.

Our training programs in office automation are designed on the basis of the skills mentioned in Syllabus 5 of the ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence). You can thus pursue our e-learning computer and office automation trainings to prepare yourselves to obtain the ICDL certification through our network of partners of ICDL approved training centers.